A luxury holiday thats within your budget

August, 02, 2016

A luxury holiday has nothing to do with where you are going or planning to but is rather a question of where you intend on staying .To some a luxury holiday will mean a stay at hotels that provide cottages; to others it will be a five/ seven star resort. At the end of the day it comes down to having all the basic amenities like good bed/s, great food, facilities like Coffee or Tea Maker, Room Service, Bar, Cafe, Room Service, Internet, Business Center, Pool, Gym, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Lounge, Travel Desk ,Parking or Free Parking, Porter, Transportation Service, 24 Hour Front Desk, 24 Hour Room Service, Laundry, Room Service, Dry Cleaning, Spa, Massage Center, 24-Hour Security and Concierge, all set at a luxurious hotel / resort with an exotic ambiance of your choice . The best part is that it is definitely possible to find this at an affordable price (your search should be extensive and smart).

The simplest way to reduce costs on luxury trips is to:

Plan them during off season. (Accommodation rates are dropped down, so you can avail of better accommodation and stay within your planned budget)

Book cheap budget flights at your earliest.(The earlier the better)

Choose a destination closer to home.(Simply put it's convenient & will be easy on your pockets)

You can be a budget traveler who likes to savor a luxury package once in a while, and why shouldn't you? Everyone deserves the best and you do too. The hospitality and tourism industry in India doesn’t fall short in its service, and it's up to you to seize this opportunity. Be assured that the options are unlimited and you will be able to choose from a variety of facilities and be open to different rate charts. Then it's up to you to choose what you are looking for within your budget.

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